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Heat Pump System Rowlett

How A Heat Pump System Works

Heat Pumps offer an energy-efficient method for either heating your home during the colder months, or cooling your house down during the warmer months. Heat pumps don’t actually generate heat like most other heating methods, instead they move heat from one area to another. Because they move heat, heat pump systems can heat or cool a space at a much lower cost than methods that need to generate heat.

The most common type of heat pump system is an air-source heat pump which transfers heat between your house and the outside air. Even when the outside temperature seems too cold, heat energy is still present in the air. A heat pump is able to extract that energy and transfer it inside. During warmer months when you want to cool a space down, a heat pump can reverse the direction and transfer the heat outside, acting as an air conditioner. 

Heat Pump Versatility

Besides the ability to be either a heat source or an air conditioner that controls the comfort of your home, heat pumps are also compatible with three different types  of heat sources. Air-source, water-source and geo-thermal.

By using whatever heat is already being generated by a source,  a heat pump has very little work to do, driving down the typical cost to condition a space to as little as one-quarter of the cost.

In-floor radiant heat systems also run more efficiently with a heat pump designed specifically to warm and cool water instead of air. This system is an air-source heat pump called a “reverse cycle chiller” that works with in-floor radiant heat systems in heat mode.  

Don’t have ductwork? No Problem...

There is also a ductless version available for homes without existing ductwork, called a mini-split heat pump.

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