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When it comes to AC Repair, it’s often difficult for the average homeowner to know what kind of problem their air conditioning unit is having. The lack of cold air coming out is usually the best indicator, but the reason for the lack of air is difficult to put your finger on. That’s why we suggest you have the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals at Barnaby Heating and Air take a look at your unit when you feel it’s not operating properly.

5 Quick Tips to Help you Identify an Air Conditioning Repair Need:Rheem Air Conditioner

Is the A/C unit getting power?  
This may seem silly, but it happens from time to time. Especially if the power goes out during the day when you don’t have lights on that would make you notice. 

Does your thermostat require batteries?
Check your thermostat to make sure the display shows it operating. If the display is out, replace the batteries and try it again.
Is the air filter clogged?
As your air conditioning unit pulls in air to be cooled down, it also pulls in whatever is in that air. Over time, it adds up on the filter screen and can actually restrict the air flow to the unit, causing a malfunction. If you notice this, replace the filter as soon as you can. If left clogged, it can cause more serious problems for your unit.

Did your circuit breaker trip?
Check your circuit box for any trips to the unit. If the circuit has been tripped, re-set it. Be aware, that if it trips again, it can be indicating that their is something going wrong with the electrical, and should be inspected by an AC Repair professional.

Is your refrigerant low/leaking?
This one can be tricky without the proper diagnosing equipment, but you can try to narrow it down by checking a few things. If your house is not cooling down, and/or you feel at the supply vent that warm air is coming out. Visually inspect the refrigerant line and see if there is ice building up on the refrigerant line. If you have a bad leak, you may even notice a bubbling or hissing sound. These noises are typically made when the refrigerant is escaping.

If you notice any of these problems with your air conditioning unit, or anything else that you feel is keeping your A/C unit from running smoothly, call the AC Repair Experts at Barnaby Heating and Air today!

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